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Jan 2021

China announced it is planning to almost double its high-speed rail network from 37,800 km at the end of 2020 to 70,000 km by 2035.

Indonesia has announced plans to extend it high speed line between Jakarta and Bandung, currently under construction, to Surabaya

In rail freight news, expansion of intermodal terminals is underway at Poznan, Poland, as part of major investment designed to handle increased rail freight movement within Europe and between China and Europe. These include including Modalohr roll-on roll-off facilities. . Intermodal terminals are also being expanded in Hungary as part of the Silk Road. Russia has announced it will no longer purchase pure diesel locomotives after 2025, while Germany has stepped up its purchase of “Electrodual” locomotives which can operate both on electrified and non-electrified lines, while Angela Merkel has set out a major statement on the role of rail in addressing climate issues.

Egypt has announced an intention to build a 1000 km high speed line between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.

In India, the High-Speed Rail Corporation has indicated it may have two high speed rail stations in Delhi, which will have three high speed rail lines to Amritsa, Ahmedabad and Varanassi.

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