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About Fastrack Australia

Fastrack Australia is a not for profit website to promote the development of high-speed rail in South-East Australia to enable a more balanced pattern of population and economic growth, which will address issues such as congestion and unaffordable housing in our major cities.

It was started by Dr Glazebrook to show how we can implement high speed rail to transform movement of passengers and freight in Australia. It will transform our population settlement patterns and help us reach net zero by 2050.

The reports on this website are designed to address and provide solutions into specific aspects of high speed rail in Australia.  They have been produced by Fastrack contributors, with assistance from a range of experts in the fields of engineering, planning, economics and transport systems. 

About Us

Dr Garry Glazebrook

Garry is a retired transport and urban planner with over 40 years’ experience in government, consulting and academia. He has recently formed Fastrack Australia to raise awareness of the potential for higher speed rail in South-East Australia.

Dr Ross Lowrey

Ross is a retired consultant and member of the Town and Country Planning Association in Victoria with a passionate interest in regionalisation.  He has conducted extensive research into the importance of high speed rail for regional growth and development.

Syd Herron

Syd is a semi-retired aviation consultant who is an active member of a number of transport advocacy groups including Rail Futures Inc (RFI), the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) and the Victorian Transport Action Group (VTAG).

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