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Our database of references and links to relevant material in the media, specialist publications, academic journals or other sources.  

Entries can be searched by topic area, country and date.

Updated 30 April 2023

Presentation to Rail Futures Institute

Presentation given by Garry and Ross at the launch of their Implementation Plan for High Speed Rail in the Sydney-Melbourne Corridor report at the Rail Futures Institute general meeting held on 24th March 2023.

The Case for High Speed Rail in Australia

A faster rail network progressively connecting all regional cities will spread Australia’s population growth into regional areas.  Most Australian’s will be better off, with greater choice of lifestyle and liveability that will only come through faster rail connections.

January 2023

Rail as a Catalyst for Regional Growth

The Rail Futures Institute Inc. (RFI) and the Town and Country Planning Association Inc. (TCPA) jointly produced this Discussion Paper in Jan. 2022 to explore the opportunity for Victoria’s regional cities to accommodate a much larger proportion of the State’s future population growth.

Read the Report >>>

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