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Fastrack Australia

Fastrack Australia is a not for profit website to promote the development of high-speed rail in South-East Australia, to address issues such as congestion and unaffordable housing in our major cities, by enabling a more balanced pattern of population and economic growth.


COVID – 19 has changed our work patterns dramatically. Many people are now working from home at least part of the time, avoiding the traditional daily commute. This could also allow more of us to live and work outside our sprawling cities, in more manageable and sustainable communities. But we will still need to visit the major capitals periodically for business, social, educational or other reasons. An East Coast high speed rail network can provide this connectivity in a way cars and aeroplanes cannot.


The time has come for Australia to join the 20 other countries investing in high speed rail revolution. By starting now with suitably designed faster regional rail links, we can build towards an integrated network in South-East Australia.


The reports on this website show how we can implement high speed rail in Australia over the next thirty years, and transform our population patterns. High speed rail can also transform the movement of freight, and help us reach net zero by 2050.


Fastrack Australia was developed by Dr Glazebrook, a retired transport and urban planner, with over 35 years’ experience in government, consulting and academia, with assistance from a range of experts in the fields of engineering, planning, economics and transport systems. More background on Dr Garry Glazebrook is available here.

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