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The time has come for Australia to join the high speed rail revolution

Fastrack Australia

It is time we joined the countries around the world to implement high speed rail for regional growth and economic development.  We need to start reserving the corridors and building the lines that will transform the settlement and economy for the benefit of all Australians.


We want to see high speed rail operating in Australia.  It will help balance our population and economic growth, and contribute to reducing impacts of congestion and unaffordable housing in our major cities.

We have produced a number of reports and papers to address key issues and provide solutions for the implementation of high speed rail in Australia.  These have been developed with assistance from a range of experts in the fields of engineering, planning, economics and transport systems. 

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Freight paper
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"Fastrack has come up with a sensible and compelling proposal to construct high speed rail from Sydney to Melbourne, which will revitalise regional NSW and Victoria, and transform the way Australians travel forever."

Sharath Mahendra, creator of the website "Building Beautifully"


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