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Implications of High Speed Rail
for Canberra and the Capital Region

Implementation of the Canberra spur of the Sydney-Melbourne high speed rail line is a high priority to stimulate growth and economic development of Canberra and the Capital Region. But growth is not guaranteed simply by implementing a high speed line. 

Fastrack has identified three key factors needed to ensure the benefits of faster connectivity are optimised for Canberra and the Capital Region:

  1. An active network of local stakeholders who must be proactive, taking leadership in planning to ensure the best urban and economic outcomes are achieved for the city and the wider region.

  2. Expansion of the light rail network to integrate new urban areas that maintain Canberra’s standard of liveability and seamlessly flow across the territory boundary.

  3. Completion of a range of targeted development projects at the station and other locations along the line to stimulate greater industry investment in key economic sectors .

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