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Fastrack Update on HSR

Greetings to everyone

Herewith a short update on recent and emerging activities of relevance to the way forward for HSR.

The Minister Catherine King had earlier called for nominations for the board of the High Speed Rail Authority (HSRA). Nominations have now closed and we await the outcome,

Garry Glazebrook is preparing a rail freight paper that integrates with the HSR proposal. You can expect this to be sent to you and for it to appear on the website in May 2023.

Ross Lowrey is preparing a detailed presentation on the Sydney – Canberra legs of the HSR proposal for use with the ACT politicians, bureaucrats and the public. A copy of this presentation is expected to be sent to you and for it to appear on the website also in May 2023

The database on the website of relevant information continues to be updated each week, so check it out.

The next blog won’t be for a month, due to planned holiday trips, but we have a lot planned for when we get back in late April 2023.


Garry, Ross and Syd


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