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HSR and the Fastrack Proposal - Video Created by "Building Beautifully"

"Despite having been proposed over and over again for over 50 years, high speed rail has failed to be built in Australia. Experts claim that Australia's density is too low, that our cities are too far apart, that it's too costly, and that high speed rail just doesn't make sense in Australia. But the advocacy group Fastrack couldn't disagree more. They've come up with a sensible and compelling proposal to construct high speed rail from Sydney to Melbourne, which will revitalise regional NSW and Victoria, and transform the way Australians travel forever. But it won't be easy to convince politicians to finally commit to construction, especially when Australians have already come to expect the worst when it comes to high speed rail."

Quotes Sharath Mahendra, the creator of the website "Building Beautifully'

Sharath has produced the following video that Fastrack would encourage all supporters to watch.


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