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No wonder we don't have high speed trains

Is it any wonder why we don't have high speed trains in Australia when the Chair of Australia's peak railways body lauds the train from Sydney to Canberra as

"Far more comfortable than other means of transport".

That's the view of Danny Broad, Chair at Australasian Railway Association

who posted this picture on LinkedIn after travelling on the Canberra Xplorer from Sydney to Canberra with Howard Collins, Coordinator-General from TfNSW.

As one commenter says, "I am sure you are aware there is an excellent bus service that leaves from the same place and would have got you into the centre of Canberra at least an hour earlier…"

And another "Trains are great way to get back and forth from Australia's largest city and the nations capital if you've got plenty of time to kill. But lets not kid ourselves that this 4+ hour trip by a diesel powered train with a limited service schedule meets first world standards. Australia deserves much better."

But perhaps the most accurate comment was "Australia has become the epicentre of slow trains."

Perhaps it is the rail industry and not our politicians that is holding us back.


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