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New Presentation on High-Speed Rail to Engineers Australia

Garry presented Fastrack Australia’s approach to High-Speed Rail to a meeting of the Southern Highlands Division of Engineers’ Australia on Thursday 25th May 2023.

It summarises:

Why we argue for High-Speed Rail (hint: its about decentralisation)

What High-Speed Rail means (hint: an integrated network)

Where HSR makes sense (hint: SE Australia)

How it should be built (hint: a staged approach over 30-40 years)

If we build it, how do we maximise its benefits (hint: freight as well as passengers)

When should we do it (hint: start as soon as possible in the Sydney – Canberra corridor)

The presentation draws on the latest work by Fastrack Australia, including on the Sydney – Canberra Corridor, and on High-Speed Rail and Freight.

If you have any questions on high-speed rail, this presentation might answer them.


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